A11y Bytes 2020 - livestream

A11Y Bytes is celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day with a series of livesteamed sessions this year.

The event will be a dynamic fast-paced evening of lightning talks about digital accessibility and the needs and preferences of people with disabilities.

It’s a great way to connect with the heart of digital accessibility and inclusion - remembering that it’s about people, and life, and how we live, how we access information, and how our lives are affected by the technologies of today.

You don’t have to be an accessibility aficionado to attend. This event is about us all talking, thinking and learning about digital accessibility and inclusion together.

Time and date


A11y Bytes will run for 3 hours. There will be 12 presentations that are 10-minutes in length.

How to join

All sessions are streamed live on the A11y Bytes YouTube channel.

Sessions will be live captioned.

See you there!

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Thanks James for sharing.

More on the Global Accessibility Awareness Day:
The NSW Government Digital Channels team celebrated GAAD by hosting the Inclusive Design Community of Practice this morning. It had a fantastic turnout not only from our colleagues at the Customer Service cluster but from the various NSW Government departments/agencies.

About Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD):

You can navigate further the website on how to participate directly and how to spread awareness.

On the same website, there are many events online/remote going on in Australia and around the world that you can still catch. As we are down under, some of the events happen late night/very eary morning in Sydney 🙁 but you can catch events in the US, UK and other countries, some of which I list below:

About GAAD:

The idea of a Global Accessibility Awareness Day started with a single blog post written by a Los Angeles-based web developer, Joe Devon.

Jennison Asuncion, an accessibility professional from Toronto, discovered Joe’s blog post purely by accident thanks to randomly coming across a tweet from Joe. This was 2011, and every year on the 3rd Thursday of May, events and activities are being held around the world to get everyone talk, think and learn about digital access/inclusion and people with disability.

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Thanks to your team for organisng the the Inclusive Design CoP session this morning @Charissa. Can people get a copy of the presentations if they missed it?

PS I liked the reference to this story, and the discussion about how by designing for inclusion we often have unintended other benefits!

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I had the privilege to attend both the Inclusive Design CoP and the A11yBytes livestream… It’s always insightful to hear about all the many different aspects to information accessibility, especially as regards barriers that we sometimes don’t realise we’re setting up.

I feel a very large part of inclusive design is getting ourselves to think outside our own bubbles - the big questions I took away from the CoP were “Who are we leaving behind?” and “Are we subconsciously reflecting the world as we ourselves see it?”


Hi @James, our Capability & Engagement team has sent a link to the recording of the event, the presentation deck, transcript, extra videos in a resources pack.

Outside our mail list of registered participants or for others who are not able to open the link, we may need to address requests individually to share the documents securely to the requestor’s inbox.

Let me know and I will pass to our team any requests for a copy.

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