Collab space: Main navigation selected state

Hi everyone,

We are currently in the process of improving the main navigation.

One of the proposed solutions involves adding a visual indicator to help users better understand their current location on the website.

We are strongly considering applying the NSW primary blue highlight to the main navigation menu link in the following scenarios:

  1. When the user has clicked on a menu item, and the corresponding dropdown is selected.

  2. After the user has been directed to an inner page in the main navigation.

As always, we highly value your input and would love to hear your feedback!


Love it, it will help perception of an active Level 1 menu state. However, I think I would prefer the blue highlight line to be at the top of the button instead of the base.

Yay! Definitely need a selected state and my my preference is for what you’ve shown there with the selector at the bottom, which is generally the norm for selected states.

I agree about having a selected state highlight, can we see another option with the Brand Supplementary colour (lighter blue) applied?