Different sized buttons

Hi everyone,
I love all the different button styles, but note that there is really only one button size - large! Of course I love large buttons, however I come across many situations where I need smaller ones. For example, I am designing a dashboard at the moment that will be built in QlikSense. I want the devs to style it closely to NSW.digital. In terms of size of components, we are at the mercy of what the out of the box sizes are. Compare the button size for filters in the attached image. I am sure many who are building applications will encounter similar scenarios.


I had the same question too for a while. I don’t have an answer for this but I’m guessing the large button size is recommended if the app is used on the small screen devices. I would say this is dependent on the screen size your user will be looking at.

Yes, I agree that the large button should be used in most situations. The situation I have is for an internal tool that will only be used on desktop.