Do we need a private catalogue of solutions?

Currently the Reusable Solutions repository is open to the public, and the intent is to increase visibility of government solutions so that agencies and partners alike can leverage what’s already been done.

We have heard from the community due to sensitive or confidential nature of some solutions/APIs, part of the repository should only visible to members with email domains.

We are also aware a number of agencies have internal solution/API catalogues, which would be invaluable to “include/link” in the Design System repository.

What are your thoughts on making these happen?

Seems like a private catalogue goes against the spirit of what the team is trying to build? I can see how certain APIs should be access controlled, but I don’t know if the solution or design pattern should be hidden. Hiding it would prevent other trusted agencies or partners working for different government departments from knowing about it or being able to recommend it to their stakeholders.

Perhaps an alternative would allow the design pattern to be publicly viewable, but the specific API implementations are access controlled.


Great suggestion, Brian. That is my line of thinking at the moment, where the outline of solutions/design patterns, and APIs are available publicly, but detail and access are controlled.