Filterable WCAG 2.1 AA criteria by content type and user role

For the DTA’s design system we’ve created a web accessibility resource which may be helpful in understanding accessibility criteria and what they mean. It attempts to remove a lot of the ambiguity and personal opinions people may have about what constitutes an accessibility failure and it’s worked quite well for us.

It’s 100+ individual tests aligned against WCAG 2.1 success criteria grouped under filterable categories of sections of the site or role based aligned to a person’s job.

An interaction designer role for instance may only have to refer to 25 WCAG tests.

Contributions are gratefully appreciated, if you don’t agree and feel a test needs more detail please lodge an issue.


Hi Ross Mullen

Thanks for your articles about accessibility.

I work in BRD in the Dept. of Customer Service.

Your recent document ‘Filterable WCAG 2.1 AA criteria by content type and user role’ has a link to ‘govau/accessibility’. In that article and in other documents in this community, there are links to accessibility documents on

The whole tpgi site and all the accessibility tools contained on it are blocked in our Department. I do not know why but they are blocked. I have asked others in my unit and we all have the same problem.

Do other readers in this community also have problems accessing tpgi on departmental equipment?

Note: I can access tpgi from personal devices. I just cannot access this site on devices on the departmental intranet.

How can we get access for all of DCS to this site??

Kind Regards


Hi Neil, give a go, it should work now. Kudos to Charissa and you. yay!