Forms pattern launched

I’m pleased to announcer the launch of the forms patterns

As always, any feedback gratefully received


Love you work @mike.hall. Good clean, succinct and easy to consume inforamation.

I think including text input type attribute information might be a good resource to include here (type=“text/email/tel” etc.).

Thanks @Dee

At my previous role, we had the concept of ‘text input helpers’, which included this and other information.

The text input helpers specified the following for each text entry field:

  1. Which keyboard to show on mobiles
  2. Input restriction by type and length
  3. Value validation
  4. Value formatting
  5. Purpose markup
  6. Autocorrection
  7. Capitalisation

Point 5, the purpose markup handles the type.

This has been added to the backlog for the NSW Design System


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