Icons and Pictograms

We recently were asked about whether the NSW Design System has a core set of icons for use in interface design or web publishing. The answer is yes!

When implementing icons to illustrate actions, status, signage and communicate messages at a glance, we use Material Design Icons which feature a wide variety of options for a consistent experience. You can visit our Icon guidance for more about sizing, spacing and usage.

We’ve also recently released guidance on creating Pictograms for more visually detailed elements. Pictograms represent a word or idea using simple and clean illustration to visually support and highlight content. While there is no standard set, you can visit our Pictogram guidance for how to create and implement pictograms relevant to your product or service.


The site’s source references Fontawesome. Do you use that too?

Hi Lisa,

We don’t use it in the design system itself, but the community does have it. The community uses a hosted platform called discourse and there’s only so much we can change unfortunately!

Best place for a single source of truth is the docs (NSW Digital Design System - NSW Digital Design System)

Hope that helps!