Search and filter above list items

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Reposting this where I think this belongs…

I was wondering whether there is any guidance or plans for a search and filter component that can be used above list items.

I’m thinking something similar to the current results component, with the addition of search. For use in situations where you may need limited search and filter functionality, without losing the left hand nav.

Apologies if this has come up before, thanks in advance for the help!

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Hi @Richie, thanks for posting! This is a great example of the flexibility we want our guidance to give. The few examples we put together only touch the surface of the different layouts search and filters can have. We want teams to have the flexibility to build their experiences to best suit their user needs, so adapting the layout like you’ve done is great.

The core would be to keep the experience the same, so how someone searches and how those results are displayed. Also using the consistent components, such as the search bar and form fields to make it clear to users how they can interact with the content.

We probably won’t write specific guidance for each layout as there could be a lot of variants, however we will look at how we can make the flexibility of it clearer to help teams adapt it better for their needs.

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