Survey - Help us improve the NSW Design System guides

Hello everyone

To help the NSW Design System team focus on what will provide value to our users, we want to know what information you will find useful for our next phase of work on the NSW Design System guides.

Please take this brief survey to share your views. You can distribute to your team too.

The survey will take approx. four minutes to complete. Your responses are confidential.

Who should take this survey

If you’re involved in any aspect of designing and creating digital things for NSW Government – like product owners, policymakers, content designers, developers, UX researchers, comms advisors and so on.

What’s our goal

The NSW Design Standards are for people who create – design, develop, build and support – digital services for government. Whatever your role, the standards can guide how you and your teams work day-to-day.

We want to find out what information you need to support you and your teams in the day to day activities.

Thanks for your time!