Call out to the community - Help us test Figma

Hi Everyone! Happy Friday :slight_smile:

The NSW Design System Team will be releasing Version 2.7 of the Digital Design System in Figma this December. We want to make it easier for teams to collaborate and implement the Design System, as well as make it more accessible to non Mac users.

If you’re working with the Digital Design System or would like to start, no matter what platform you’re currently using (Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma etc) we’d love to get your help to Beta Test the new DDS Library in Figma.

If you’d like to be involved leave a comment or send an email to


Raises hand up in excitement! In other words, I volunteer for that.



Hi Amy,
The team here at Folk would be keen to be part of testing the Beta.
All the best - Michael


Hey Amy,
I’m starting on a new product beta next week. We used Figma for the alpha prototype and would like to keep using it.
If I can help with testing the library let me know.

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