Figma Licencing

Just trying to setup Figma to help our digital teams prototype. Started using the digital nsw figma files and creating the some local health district specific assets and wanted to grow the team’s capability on using this tool. Any suggestions on licensing?

Allen, NSW Health - Sydney Local Health District

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Well Allen, it seems like they don’t charge for a small team, and if you"re getting the ball rolling, then I’d get in contact with them directly and tell them that you’re educating the team.

Just one thing while I’m looking at it. If you do have a wish list, then you might ask any of the suppliers to register, here.

It’s mainly for the bigger stuff. But as you are finding out it would be nice to help discover a few communities who could share the learning, and this is one way to identify them

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Where did you get to on this @allendizon ?

Keen to hear how you progressed (so we can provide others with some guidance) or what stopped you (so we can provide support)

Rich - Digital Service Toolkit

Hey @Rich_Brophy! We got a couple of professional licence and started building our district component library (that reference the NSW UI component library) with SLHD branded components. Published the components and now we have a couple of users (with free accounts) that can access our ‘design system’ + the NSW design UI component library.

So we are now a wait and see… see if we have more people interested in using it also seeing if people are interested in prototyping using figma to test out some of the health specific components that we are thinking of.

Hope this is also of help to other people.

Right now I’m just adding people manually to files. :slight_smile:

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