Creative advice on repurposing a social carousel into a section on the web page?

Hi Guys,

Does anyone have examples of how this works?
I am trying to publish an infographic - does everyone use media?


Hey Lisa, perhaps you’ve already considered these, but sharing just in case…

  1. Using a static, unclickable image as a background and layer the key message over.

  2. Consider a single or double Call to Action (above the fold) with a single colour background.

  3. Depending on the service, consider accessibility best practice. If retaining the carousel feature having a clear and easily accessible stop/pause button, having the carousel full width with one clear call to action in each.

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Hi @lisaastridc,

We’ve recently introduced the card carousel component, which could prove useful depending on your use case.

See the full guidance and usage details below -

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to reach out.

Best regards,
NSW Design System team

Thank you, @mabraham, for sharing this valuable information.

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