New Patterns.... any ideas?

Hello esteemed community

As we are nearing our backlog of core patterns we will be looking additional patterns to add to our list.

I have written some guidance on our repo around contributing patterns - however we’d more than welcome some quick fire suggestions that you feel has been useful to your organisation or is ubiquitous to all digital UI that we have missed off.

Here is a few we are strongly leaning towards in our next phase:

  • Modal
  • Ordered/stepped accordion
  • Hero search with quick links


Hi Mason,

The content team that is building the new has asked for an image gallery component.


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Hi Viola

Thanks - this isn’t the first time image carousel has been mentioned. I will add it to our backlog to build. We are working through a lot of dev house keeping and documentation at the moment, after which we’ll tackle the patterns.


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Hi team
be good to get a pattern for a responsive gallery that isn’t necessarily a carousel - eg possibly a grid presentation such as this How To Create a Responsive Image Grid . Carousels and sliders have quite a bit of negative press in terms of SEO and viewer perspective (is it an ad?).

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Hi @Mel, thanks for putting this suggestion forward! We can see the value of a responsive image grid component (that isn’t a carousel) so we can add it to the backlog to further look into. It would also be great to see where you are looking to implement it and the end user need so we can feed this into the component development.

Hi Mason,

I was digging around patterns page but can’t find modal popup. And then I saw your post about this new pattern.

Currently, our dev is struggling with a consistent look and feel for modal popup. So, it will be good if Digital NSW will be building a pattern for modal popup soon.

Would you know when this will likely to be released?

Thank you!


Hi @tnafoo - we’ve been working on the backlog. We’re going to put together some content for modals in the next couple of sprints.

From a component point of view, we’ll go with something simple, most of our focus will be around the pattern of when it’s used. The UK Gov has a pattern for “stop and think” - is that the sort of context you’re using it in?

Hi @tnafoo - We’ve just created a new post to collaborate on this pattern and would be great to get feedback from your own experience and user needs: Collab space: Dialogue

I like the location of the buttons on the right hand-side. I especially like that they are grouped close together. This allows the user to absorb information quicker, without having to dart their eyes left and right over a distance. I hope this sort of thinking can continue for form design too. I see buttons separated by such vast distances, so lonely, lonely…

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