Data visualisation patterns

I think this would be a great opportunity for interested agencies and the DS team to work together!

There are a whole bunch of data visualisation elements in varying styles out there, and I’d love to have something common that we can draw from.

As a start, I’m looking at what data visualisation content could be part of the consolidation project, and think we will have needs for graphs that visualise trends over time or compare things.

There might also be a similar discussion around maps, and data overlaying maps (colour and patterns)


I’m still loving that interactive baby names database @viola.wong.

Would be so fun - and engaging - to do stuff like this.

And Greg Jericho at The Guardian does some brilliant data visualisation.


Helium would love to work on this together, too! I think we might have some opportunities coming up that could use visualisations. If so, we’ll post some here.

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Thanks @brian_helium - would love to hear from you.
@jennifer.weiley - thanks for the tip on Greg.

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