Developing the perfect discussion guide

There are lots of ways to put a discussion guide together. It would be great to build a best-of version to share with the broader design community.

What structures, practices and content have you found most helpful and why?

One of my favourite techniques is to pair questions with the intent of asking the question.

For example:

What is your role in project planning or scoping?
Intent: Build context for impact on scoping stage

*How do you know what’s required for a project before it’s begun? *
Intent: Identify source of truth for project scoping

How do you decide on the end point or deliverables for a research phase?
Intent: Understand existing definitions of “done”

Why it works (for me):

  • Ensures you know WHY you’re asking the question
  • Helps you know what follow-up questions to ask
  • It makes it easier for others to pick up and use your discussion guide

Thoughts? Builds? Alternatives?


Thanks Rich :slight_smile:
Another! valuable insight added to my toolbox - absolutely love this thinking