Dialog component released

Morning All!

We’re excited to announce the release of our latest dialog component!

Dialogs make a user stop and think by presenting them with a critical action or piece of information required to continue. We’ve built a couple of variants to meet different user needs and situations which you can view at: NSW Digital Design System - Dialog

As always we’d love to hear your feedback!


This looks great, it’s good to have guidance on this. How did the team arrive at grouping the buttons together and aligning to the right? (I have had a few debates about what works best with fellow UXers!).

Thanks @tmartin026! We grouped the buttons together as this allows the user to flow easily from one option to the next, not having to got back and fourth across the dialog. We also placed the primary call to action to the right of the secondary, so a user can view all options before making a decision and not have to go back through the choices to select the primary action. This also supports left to right reading.

The decision to keep the buttons on the right hand side of the dialog was made to make it easier for users to clearly see the primary CTA as the last action they can take. As users scan content left to right, this is the natural end and ‘next step’ area of the dialog. Our research also showed it is a strong and widely used design pattern for dialogs/modals across many operating systems and softwares. With consistency for our users being a primary consideration, this also factored in heavily to decrease cognitive load.

We’re always keen to dive deeper into areas like this though, so would be great to hear any for or against cases that you’ve come across.