Mobile pagination

Hello community

We would like to hear your input on effective pagination for mobile view. There are a few options to consider and as an interim we have applied a fix (pertaining to this bug) so that with extra small screens the list of pages breaks to another line as oppose to trying to squeeze everything onto a single line.


While this works fine, we would ideally like some better visual treatment, but without compromising on usability and accessibility.

Thanks all


Personally, I would suggest placing the back and next on the bottom line.
That way you balance the UI without altering the implementation.


I like that suggestion @bwardrop. It keeps the information clear over the 2 lines, and neater too

Thanks for this - I like this idea. @SeanElliott what are your thoughts? And how would we manage spacing of the numbers when they do not fully extend the width of the mobile screen?.. evenly space them out?

This is interesting, but is there enough hit area to avoid fat fingering the numbers versus the back/next?