On this page : HTML Tags used

Content hierarchy of the On this page.

Would like to know what HTML Tags are used to make up the
On this page

Is it is H2 or a P.

Hi @Nesan - are you referring to our tags pattern? http://nswdesignsystem.surge.sh/components/tags/index.html

Hi Mason,

No in regards to this :https://www.digital.nsw.gov.au/design-system/patterns/page-navigation
In page navigation what is the HTML markup used for this component?

Hi @Nesan - That pattern is dev complete however we’ve yet to publish it on our site. In the meantime, you can see the in page navigation in play here - http://nswdesignsystem.surge.sh/components/in-page-navigation/index.html

You can download the html starter kit file here also for the compiled HTML, CSS and JS - https://github.com/digitalnsw/nsw-design-system/raw/master/HTMLstarterkit.zip