Tags - how they work and a demo

Just wondering if you can explain how Tags work.

For example, is it achieved via metadata selections or otherwise?

Also, is there a demo page you can refer me to that demonstrates how the tagged content is drawn into a list page?

We use other techniques to make a collection of tagged content so interested to see how this works.

Hey Craig

The Design System doesn’t specify specifically how to implement the mechanism for showing a component. I can reach out the team developing nsw.gov.au page templates to ask how they’re doing this on their News pages though?

Example page with a tag at the bottom - on this example the tag does not currently work as a link to the index page.

Hi James,

Any info you can find out will be welcome.

We’ve actually just updated how our tags work on the digital.nsw blog too.

Out of interet, do you have a link or screenshot of your current Tags implementation?

Hi James,

We’ve only just setup one website (still in development) that utilises the Design System (via the Squiz Matrix templates) and haven’t implemented Tags yet. So I’m just keen to find out how they work.