Radio buttons best practice

Hi team and everyone

What’s everyone’s thoughts on radio buttons? I feel as though I have mixed messages on them. Are the accessible? Can they be used more than once in a page?
Would love everyone’s thoughts and experiences


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Hi Tristan,

If built right, they’re very accessible. The code @SeanElliott has created for the design system exceeds the AA requirements for WCAG.

I don’t have a problem using them more than once on a page, if they’re the appropriate pattern (they’re used for single selection, there’s not too many (around 5 as a max) and they’re laid out vertically (horizontal is a no-no from me). This will of course need to be user tested on a case by case basis with your intended audience.

You can use a drop down as an alternative and these may be more appropriate for larger numbers of options, but these have well documented issues with usability (knowing how to interact with them and hiding available options until you interact with them).

Another alternative is the combo box, but this is really only for very large searchable options and if not coded properly can be horrible from an accessibility perspective.

Anyone else have any research or insights?


Thanks so much for the considered reply @mike.hall. The approach you’ve laid out is how I’ve been designing with radio buttons so good to get confirmation on that

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