Timeline for introduction of DDS 3.0?

Is there a timeline or roadmap? When will DDS 3.0 be deployed or released from beta? What sort of timeframe is suggested or required for implementing DDS 3.0 in NSW Government web sites? I’d be very grateful for your help with these questions.

Hey Adrian - I’ll get @tjharrop and @amy.howard to confirm on this one.

My understanding is v3 can be used on public facing sites starting 2021-11-30T13:00:00Z.

That said there’s a handful of elements you can go live with today (such as the new brand font, or by adopting the Design System version 2.14 code if you’re looking to retrofit existing projects).

Roadmaps and transition plans would be up to the brand teams. Your agency or cluster brand team would probably be best placed to answer “by when”.

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Hi @adrianneilson, Design System V3 is available in beta for you to start using today. Although there may be still be some changes, these should be minor. You can start implementing the main changes now:

All teams will be required to follow the new visual identity system from 1 December 2021, as James mentioned. This includes new digital products and services, or those coming under a redesign, which should start using the Design System V3.0 assets now. From 1 December 2021 (or hopefully earlier) DDS 3.0 will come out of Beta.

Existing digital products and services should work with their Cluster Brand teams (who will work with the NSW Government Brand team) on transition plans to the new visual identity system.

Thanks James for your prompt response.

Thanks Amy. That gives a clearer picture. I appreciate the detail. :slight_smile:

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