Updated Hero banner

Yesterday we released an updated Hero banner design in the Design System.

Hero Banner

The hero banner reflects the goals or purpose of the product or service.

For more information on the pattern and it’s usage, please visit:

The previous hero banner design will still be available in npm for install and Github, and the archive folder of Figma until we decommission it from the offering in the coming months. If you are currently using the current hero banner design you can continue, there is no need to change. Find out more about the decommissioning of the previous hero banner design: Decommissioning current Hero Banner pattern

As always, we appreciate any feedback!

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Hey Amy,

New hero banner looks good, however it would be helpful to keep to the previous iteration of the hero banner page live in the component library and also in a Figma file.
We’ve just implemented this on one instance and need to test against the hero pattern against the DDS specs and behaviour (the surge.sh examples are useful for that).

Would it be possible for future discontinued components to be available in a separate section?


Hi Kate,

Thank you for your feedback. The previous hero banner component is still available in Figma under archived components.

At this stage we are not planning to keep showing discontinued components on surge.sh examples. However code/styles for them will be supported until the next major release. You can also download our HTML starter kit and run it locally for testing purposes. We can also direct you to an older version of starter kit that includes the banner example if required.