Section Header Pattern

Hi there,

I am looking for a design pattern for Section Banners.

The DS has something close which is the ‘Hero Banner’ but this banner is used for (timely) messaging with a CTA, similar to campaign requirements.

Looking for a pattern that is for ever green labels a section of the site.
Has there been work done to develop a pattern like this.
for example:

Hi @Nesan

We haven’t created such a pattern as yet, which I would describe as a Section Landing Hero. You are correct in that it is similar to our Hero banner pattern, in addition our web consoidation team working on the new site is using a similar pattern that would be described as a section hero. Please see screen grab below:

I will speak to my team about your suggestion and see how we can leverage existing patterns (including the example you sent) and keep you posted.


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I will jump in here and say that we’re still testing whether that section hero pattern is going to end up in our product at Beta launch.

Findings so far are:

  • Content team finds it hard to find an image that fits the small space
  • Image is usually decorative, because the space is too small to show any detail
  • As a decorative image, it’s a waste on mobile screens, so then we want to lose the image on mobile.
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Thanks @viola.wong - Good to know. Yes, I did think it was a fairly narrow space to have any meaningful imagery applied to it. Would be great to hear where you go with.