Using and adapting UI Kit components

You can now use Design System V3 components in 3 main ways:

Place and use

Some components are ready for you to place and use immediately from the asset library, such as buttons. They are set to their base state and their content can be edited as required.

Screenshot showing button placement on canvas in base state

Change variant

Components that have properties such as viewport size, state, content type or colour have been built using figma variants. This may be the whole component, or individual elements within a component.

You can find the available variants outlined in the asset library tooltip when you hover over the component (image left) or in the design panel when a component is selected (image right).

Screenshot showing information on asset library tooltip and in design panel

Add or remove layers

Components that may grow or shrink depending on user need can have their unwanted layers hidden via the layers panel (image left), or “Detach instance” (image right) to add more.

Screenshot showing hiding layers using layers panel and right click to detach component instance

We’d love to hear how we can make the components work better, so please let us know the individual ways they do and don’t work for you.