Was this page helpful pattern - customer feedback solution

HI there,

wondering if there is a NSW GOV solution for the thumbs up or down design pattern.

I understand we have a floating feedback solution https://www.digital.nsw.gov.au/digital-service-toolkit/solutions/feedback-assist
But do we have a design pattern & (developer solution) that can be added to the page content more aligned at page level and not site level. The floating element that’s off to the side gives the connotation that this is general feedback for site and not specific to content on page.

Thanks for your help in advance :slight_smile: looking for a solution for education.nsw.gov.au.

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Thanks for your question @Nesan. The floating feedback solution can be restyled so we’re going to get in touch with the product manager to see if there’s a generic DS styling similar to nsw.gov.au that can be added to the solutions.

We’ll keep you updated!

Hi Nesan,

Just following up on this - in case you’re still looking in to it, the thumbs-up thumbs-down product is actually a different product to the floating one. Both feedback assist (the floating one) and sentiment check ( thumbs up/down) are run by onegov, and are listed on the solutions section of digital.nsw.gov.au