Cultural diversity

One way we can celebrate diversity is by knowing how to write content for people from all backgrounds. Thoughts?

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I’ve joined DCS back in December but hail from Multicultural NSW as their Digital Project Officer and had the pleasure of writing for diverse audiences on the website as well as assisting other Government Agencies write for diverse audiences over 4 years.

We were fortunate to be able to segment our EDM database down to cultural groups and languages spoken to effectively target specific communities. What I found with EDMs for culturally diverse communities was that if content was provided in English and translated in to other languages, providing that option so people could choose how they digested the content impacted open and engagement rates.

Not everyone who speaks another language wants to be written to in all languages but the fact their needs are considered goes a long way. I was told on more than one occasion that it is a nice change to read something in someone’s ‘mother tongue’. Of course if content is vital or crucial then a translation by a NAATI certified interpreter is worth the spend, don’t rely on Google Translate if you can’t read what the translation is saying. Google might be getting better at translating but it still laughed at by people who can understand what the translations say due to the inaccuracies.

The adage that if you don’t ask you don’t get is also a key point here. Asking people to share information and content with their own networks helps spread messaging further than just running a multicultural media newspaper ad.

My advice to anyone who is trying to engage with diverse communities is stop ‘othering’. Just because a person was born outside of Sydney or Australia, or is fortunate enough to speak another language (I met a guy the other day that can speak 6!) doesn’t mean they should be labeled anything other than a NSW resident. I don’t love the term CALD but that is for another conversation, on another day. Respect the difference, offer up options and ask for people to share the love. It will go a long way.

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