Translated content for whole site

Hi, When looking to do a whole of site translation; what was the solution for the website?


Hi @christine.spooner thanks for your post. @viola.wong is the strategy and project delivery manager for the web consolidation team and is the best person to chat to about their approach. I’m happy to connect you to Viola - what’s your email address? Thanks.

Thanks, Natalie :slight_smile:

It’s purely out of curiosity so I really appreciate it.

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No problems at all, have forwarded your details. Thanks.

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Hi @christine.spooner,

We have recently worked with the DPIE Asbestos team to launch the NSW Asbestos website that also has a whole of site translation. This was achieved using a Google Translate module in Drupal. Please let me know if you need to know further details.

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Thanks, SwatiK. This is helpful :slight_smile:

Hi Swatik, Wondering if you have had feedback on the accuracy of Drupal Google Translate module for health information? Is there any data you could share on it? Thanks