Figma training available?

Do people have suggestions for someone like me who have never built mock-ups in Figma before? I have used it numerous times but as a consumer mostly. What training is available out there?

Hi @tnafoo ,

This guy is really good: Free Figma UX Design UI Essentials Course - YouTube
This video has the first 3 hours of his course available for free and covers all of the main things you need to know. You can also jump through different topics if there are things you already know. Apparently Zander on Youtube is good for looking up quick videos on specific things you want to know about (haven’t watched him personally, but was recommended to me).

If you decide to go through the first guy’s full course, it’s normally pretty cheap on Udemy:

Hope that helps!


thank you very much! @kcrowley

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Hi Tina! I also recommend the guides online, I’ve now used Figma for some webpage layouts and the more you use it, the more it makes sense… I am not a video tutorial person, so these articles were great:

Also, copying the Figma from the Digital NSW page to have those components ready to clone/copy/use (instead of reinventing the wheel). I’m on Teams if you want to chat too!

Hi @tnafoo, there is also a few good introductory Figma courses on LinkedIn Learning which is accessible internally through My Career.