Form builder, platform or tool?

Happy iso-Friday all

We try not to create complex forms these days, but we have some legacy forms we manage that are of the multi page/nested logic/dependancy, hard coded variety. Nightmares to manage and maintain.

I was interested if anyone uses any form builders, platforms or tools when creating complex forms for Gov sites.


@Dee did you get any advice on this one? We have been working through the same question. We were tossing up SF vs a React build for a pretty complex dynamic form.

No advise received unfortunately :slightly_frowning_face:

I’d assumed it was a silly question… so, good to see theres others seeking the same info. Please let me know if you have any further success.

Hey @bellewallington - what does SF stand for here?

I know there’s a few people within ServiceNSW who use React on things they’ve built if it’s worth connecting to them @Dee

I think there’s also some teams using - is that something either of you have looked into?

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Salesforce sorry James.

We’ve ended up building using React because of the complexity of our form and also as part of a longer term strategy about how we’ll manage these kinds of services into the future…

We are also looking at form builders. OneBlink has come up as an option.

Hi all - I’m thinking about creating a very simple “eligibility” questionnaire for our NSW Government Graduate Program, as eligibility is one of the topics we are asked about most.

The form would have some simple logic eg.

Are you an Australian Citizen, permanent resident, or do you hold a visa that allows you to work full-time until February 2023?

  • Yes > Proceed to Next question
  • No > “Unfortunately, you are only eligible to apply if you are an Australian Citizen, a permanent resident, or if you hold a visa that allows you to work full-time until February 2023.”

I’m wondering if anyone has any prefabricated examples of forms created using the forms and buttons or direction link patterns?

Did you guys looked at Adobe Forms? AFAIK, AEM is getting onto the mainstream strategic CMS, and it does have a flavor of Forms builder. It is very powerful, but it depends on how many forms you are talking about.

Hello @Dee, here at Service NSW, we’ve been dealing with multi page/nested logic type forms for quite some time. We have used Sales Force in the early days, then we tried using, however based on the learnings from over the years, we opted in for a solution that we are currently building in-house. The solution is currently used at Service NSW across 40+ digital experience with varying degree of complexity and in 2021 other agencies are starting to use it as well. Happy to chat to you about it more over a catch up: