Virtual Assistant (NSW Fair Trading)

NSW Fair trading has implemented a Virtual Assistant for their “Start a Tenancy” page.

We are reaching out to find out more this week, stay tuned for post updates!

This is really interesting, Helium has been looking to build this as a pattern / solution / recommendation for a different group.

Hi Brian, would love to know more about the initiative there, message me privately to keep the thread on solution.

So Fair Trading have built the Virtual Assistant with ReactJS, Microsoft bot framework .Net on Azure, which includes a business oriented no code decision tree builder for guiding user queries to potential answer. If the query is too complex, it will generate a case in Salesforce, which will be followed up by an experienced staff.

It’s deployed into a Squiz portal as a iFrame widget, so it really can be inserted into any other portal.

How great is that?!

Do you know of any other virtual assistants floating around the government sector?

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That is awesome news Kelly. I’m following this thread with interest.