Have your say on the new Design Standards and make us work harder!

From our previous research - we found that the Standards in their current form are can be challenging to remember, coach with and integrate into daily work. We need to get this right from the ground up and so we’re very keen to make use of the expertise in this community.

We’re halfway through our consultation period and if you haven’t sent us feedback on the new Draft Design Standards - please fill out the feedback form now and help form the foundation for what good service delivery looks like in the NSW Government.

We’re progressing with integrating the standards into core functions of delivery (like training, procurement and assurance) - so we need to make sure they are useful and easy to apply in our day-to-day work.

Had a strong response after chatting to the HCD comprac people -some good thought proving points. We’ll be following up contributors who want to be known and setting up some time to go over their points in more detail after the consultation phase closes on 25th.