New minimum expectations for the Design Standards now live

Our team has been working on the Design Standards over the last few months to make them practical and actionable.

A big thank you to all the experts who’ve contributed their time and insights to help shape the minimum you need to do, and guidance.

Shout out to:

  • Kelly Wei and Daniel Roelink for their efforts on reuse what’s available and build for reuse content

  • Narelle Grayson, Tony Bertoia and Alex Peattie for all things data

  • Lesley Honeyman, Charlotte Wood and the cyber security NSW team for securing digital services

  • Maree Callinan, Lachlan Calvey and Stephen Bedford for their guidance on record keeping

As we continue to roll out the new content for the standards i’ll post here to keep you informed.

If you’d like to be involved in contributing to the standards, get in touch via