The revised Design Standards are now live!

We’ve officially launched new Design Standards and want to thank everyone who has contributed.

Our next steps are focused on embedding the Standards into mandatory processes so that teams can deliver more effectively using their own ways of working.

We’d like teams to start applying the Standards immediately to any in-flight or upcoming projects.

If you’d like to understand more about how the Standards can be applied, feel free to reach out and arrange a consultation or friendly chat.

We’ll be posting updates here about our journey so please check back to follow our progress.


Big shout outs to @sharni.allen and our whole team for building out this iteration, especially @Anne - co-designing across the whole of NSW government is no small task!

Also - many of our community helped with the work. Many thanks @aaroncheang , @sam.court , @KimberlyRichards , @adrianb @rachel.maiden , @viola.wong and @tristan.deratz - we couldn’t have done it without you!