How to replace Logo in Sprite.SVG

HI team, I would like to know how to replace the NSW logo with other agency logo.

I know its a SVG file within sprite.svg but need a bit guidance how to do it.

Thanks heaps Linda

Which CMS platform is it? As an example, AEM, Squiz Matrix, Sharepoint are some of the CMS platforms being used.

We are working in multiple in-house built systems, it could be PHP, Angular, JS, old and new systems. But we are moving ahead to Angular now. So it is not CMS but more application/online services side. Hope I answer your question. Thanks. Linda

Hi Linda, it looks like some of the sites using the header pattern have themed over the default logo with their own and not used the sprite, that’s always an option if it’s a prototype. For production you could change the sprite by adding your logo as an SVG file to the assets/svg folder - that’ll add it to the sprite - then changing the ref in header to match the new SVG file.

Thanks TJ, I used the SVG file now instead of sprite. Works well. thanks Linda

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