New rules for the Masthead

Thanks for setting this group up.

I have a question around the Mast head. In all of the examples the copy says A NSW Government website, however on some of the DPIE sites we have been advised to have Department of Planning, Industry and Environment and link to the DPIE site.

Are there any rules around using the DPIE vs NSW Government or should they all use A NSW Government website now we are all aiming to be one Gov?

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Hey Monica

Congrats on being the first to post in our new NSW Gov only section!

I just moved a few posts around (and upgraded your account so it’s not going to have that ‘one link’ limit :slight_smile: )


Hi @Monica, thanks for your question!

Yes the Masthead must always say “A NSW Government website” for consistency in identifying the site as part of the NSW Government.

When the department or agency name is required to give users greater context of their location, we have introduced a sub-descriptor in the new Header component .

We have a demo page showing the website name in large text in the Header component, followed by a sub-descriptor. We would advise this to be used for displaying the department or agency name.

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thank you James :slight_smile: It was great to have such quick replies back.

In the usage, it says ‘The Masthead displays across the top of all NSW Government sites’. What mobile app, does it need to display on NSW Gov’t mobile app as well?