Introducing "Methods" for user-focused tasks

Methods are best-practice design solutions to help users achieve a goal. They address common user problems, tasks and flows, to build consistency across experiences.

Methods are supported by UX guidance and coded example templates where possible.

We’ve just released the first 3 methods on our V3 Documentation site:

Search and filters - Allow users to explore products and services using keywords or phrases.

Maps - Show data relative to a physical location.

Data visualisation - Allow data to be comprehended quickly, allowing for faster analysis and conclusions.

We want to see methods grow, so keen to hear from teams who are facing a customer problem, tasks or flow that could benefit from a NSW Government wide method. Or teams that have faced and built solutions that we can feed in. Give us a shout!


I love this! Thank you - in particular the Search and filters examples that you’ve provided are very clear and easy to visualise.