Long site descriptors in header, should they be wrapped?

Hi all!
With websites/ services that have a long name, the site descriptor that appears next to the NSW Government logo doesn’t have a maximum width with the V3 css (as shown below). Is it a requirement for the descriptor to be on a single line, or is it acceptable to constrain it’s width use multiple lines (such as on https://www.dpie.nsw.gov.au/)? The header component guidelines don’t currently mention this.

@JeffersonBledsoe the masterbrand says for "longer descriptor names, we split the name across lines.

Generally, try to avoid more than twenty characters per line.

Keep lines of text as even as possible. "

Refer to page 21 of the masterbrand guidelines: https://www.nsw.gov.au/sites/default/files/_static/nsw-gov-masterbrand-guidelines.pdf

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Hey @Cath! Thanks for the advice on this. I hadn’t realised there was additional information in the masterbrand guidelines.

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That’s great. I think we can adjust our code to make it a default wrapping that works for most sites and then later we can add a control panel for users to control the line breaks themselves.
We will put a demonstration of the line breaking on our Plone 6 demo https://digitalnsw.pretagov.com.au/ once it’s implemented.

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