Waratah logo + descriptor text appearance on mobile

Hi, can I get guidance on how a logo with descriptor text should appear on mobile please.

Should the masterbrand waratah logo + descriptor text be side-by-side and centred like the waratah logo + co-brand logo? Or should the waratah logo be centred and the descriptor text wrap to next line on the left margin?

There is only guidance for co-brand - mobile on the website: NSW Digital Design System - Header

This is how the above page appears when viewed from mobile:


Hi @Cath, thanks for your question! For masterbrand, the logo should appear centred at the top on mobile with the descriptors below and left aligned. The top three examples represent the masterbrand layout showing how it can look with/without a secondary descriptor and also when the title goes over two lines.

Examples of masterbrand mobile navigation layouts


@amy.howard maybe you are able to help us answer this question - Long site descriptors in header, should they be wrapped? as you mention above when the title goes over two lines. Is it acceptable to have the title go over two lines even on desktop? ie can we set a max width?

@djay I have just replied to the long site thread regarding this.