Mobile navigational models

I’m looking for help with defining the mobile navigational model.

The design system has 3 key patterns in this area, the main nav (collapsed to a hamburger menu for mobile), the side nav and the breadcrumbs.

In the original design system, the breadcrumbs and side nav were merged in to one pattern which resembles a dropdown.

I’m concerned that users won’t understand this pattern and will expect to interact with the hamburger only for navigation.

I’m also concerned that as a pseudo breadcrumb, users won’t be able to easily understand where they are.

Does anyone have any research or insights I can leverage?

The Website Consolidation project have kindly offered to host an ideation session where we will prototype and test the outcomes, so any thoughts in this area would also be welcome.

Thanks in advance


We should be able to provide our research findings from user testing the different navigation patterns in the next few days!

Thanks @brian_helium that’s great