Naming the Standards

Hi Everyone!
Our Standard titles: we’ve done our best to keep their number small (down to 6) and tried our best to name them clearly - but we are aware that they may not communicate what they stand for very well.

The Standards are currently broken down into the following short phrases:

1. Create with purpose
2. Design with users, for users
3. Respect privacy and maintain security
4. Be open, accountable and collaborative
5. Reuse and repurpose
6. Monitor, manage and evolve

Here’s a small poll to gauge what everyone thinks -if we get a clear indication that they could be improved - we’ll do a bit of card sorting with you as a next step:

  • They make sense - I understand what sort of topics they represent.
  • If I think about it hard enough - they sort of make sense?
  • What now? No idea what they mean.

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