Examples of the NSW Design System in the wild

Hi, I’m doing some research into how the NSW Design system is being used in practice. I’m looking for some example sites to see the design system in action.

So far I have the two obvious ones:


I’d really appreciate it you could post up any more which you know about.

Many thanks,

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Hey Murray,
Helium has done a few things on the DDS, the most recent full implementation of the DDS was for Regional Maintenance (RM) and their ROMS Intranet site.
It’s in the final stages of content being populated now, but here is a snapshot of the home page design.

We’ve also done some hybrid DDS work on the current RMS website at these links:

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Russ (0405 632 009)

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Hi Murray, Report to EPA (littering from vehicles) is currently in development using the DDS alongside the EPA branding. I can show you some screenshots once the application is in UAT if interested?


Hi Murray

The NSW Food Authority website is another example.

Hi Cath, funny you should send that one through. I worked on that project. The work started back in the early days of NSW DDS when it was based on GovCMS. The current version had not yet been released. There were some small changes we made to be more NSW DDS like but it is still based on GovCMS.


Thanks for your answers everyone.

As I said, I have been working on a research project where various sites are being compared. There is a companion website with the findings. You might be interested in takeing a look. Be warning, we have very few sites for NSW DS so far and so the results are not really statistically significant.

You will no doubt be glad to known the the NSW DS is doing OK … BUT there are too few sites (4) in there just now for any conclusions to be drawn.

I’ll add in the new sites you have all provided. Hopefully they will flow through to the site soon.

If you have anymore, keep them coming.

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Small world Murray, you would have worked with Aaron who is in my team. I work for NSW DPI so I’m keeping an eye on these examples as we’ll been refreshing our website at some stage.

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Great to see this! Thanks for sharing, Murray. I won’t get too excited about our phenomenal rank whilst the sample size is low, but it’s a good start!

@Cath Do you come to our demos? More importantly, would you like to?!

@tjharrop I haven’t been to one of your demos but please send me more info, I’m interested - thanks!

Hi, not sure if I am too late to the party, but would love to learn more about how others are implementing it. One more to the list.
https://asbestos.nsw.gov.au. There were couple of new elements that we added to design outside of DDS. Overall the experience working with DDS was good but we did encounter minor bugs here and there. The timelines were insane for that project but we would def love to contribute back to DDS.
You can find the site styleguide at https://asbestos.nsw.gov.au/styleguide.

Would love to hear your feedback :slight_smile:

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Hi @Amit - never too late! The site looks great, it’s always nice to see the DDS in action, and hopefully it made life easier for you too.

Can you email me (tj.harrop@customerservice.nsw.gov.au) and I’ll find a time to walk through your experience. We’d love to bring in any bugfixes or insights - we’re all open source fans here!

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It’s worth mentioning that nsw.gov.au is up to date with the v3 of the design system - and is a pretty significant site now. Is that true to say @tjharrop ?

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