New section for the Digital NSW online community

Hey All - welcome to the private space for NSW Gov teams adopting Design System 3.0.

We’ve made this new space private to NSW Gov team members so we can all discuss our roles, challenges and workarounds just with NSW Gov staff, when the need arises.

You’ll see that some categories in the community now have a symbol:

  • :lock: means private (only visible to those within the community)
  • the rest are still public (visible to anyone)

The usual social media policies for your agency still apply, but we hope it will make it easier to discuss and share any areas where we’re encountering difficulty or need help with.

Why the change?

To date our community has been open to the public. It’s meant that it’s been very easy for us all to find and join in discussions about the digital tools and approaches we use, whether we’re signed in to the community or not.

For the Digital Service Toolkit team it’s an important part of working in the open. But it hasn’t necessarily been beneficial to making sure we had a safe space for asking questions.

This section has been created just for NSW Gov teams as we shift to DS 3.0 so teams can ask questions and share feedback even when there’s projects that might not yet be announced and are still under wraps.

Can I still post in the other sections?

We’ll still be using the other parts of the forums, and encouraging everyone to participate in the open discussions. It’s a great way for our suppliers or new team members without an account to discover what we’re doing, thinking and grappling with – particularly when there’s case studies, stories or discussions that can benefit from our suppliers joining in.


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