NSW Design guilds, gatherings and commpracs

How does the NSW Design Community come together?

We’re trying to compile an open directory of all the ways design practice is shared in NSW Government, so please comment below with and you know of (plus helpful links/contacts).

Looking for whole-of-Gov, Agency-specific or informal groups.

Will update this lead post as new info comes in.

NSW Government / Whole of Government

Department of Transport

Department of Primary Industry

Federal Government

External to government

  • Suggestions welcome!

Updated 28/01/22

Also: What other info do you need to make this list useful?

@Rich_Brophy - Could we add “Design Guild” for Service NSW Designers? It’s currently for SNSW Designers only and there’s a slack channel but you could reach out to "design@service.nsw.gov.au ". (shared inbox i have access to)


Hi Rich,

Two suggestions.

Main one. You haven’t pointed at NSW customer service, which has to be the starting point of any gov service design - Federal, State or Local. OK, So each level of Gov is off doing their own thing, with their own set of priorities and tripping over one another, as their designers each focus, independently, one "their"customer.

It’s quite sad, for someone used to watching European- wide coordination, to see the lack of collaboration between the Aussie Fed and State designers who always design for the same customer in splendid isolation.

You’ve pointed at (one of ) the Feds site, But we know there’s little collaboration between ALL States and the Feds cause, looking at the back-end processes that have to take place, between Federal (back end) registries (e.g.) and State (front end) services (e.g.), it’s so obvious to any user. Clunk!

I’ve said the same thing to Joel. So many designers pointing at other public institution’s sites, and no (inter-institutional) group considering how to share/coordinate the learning. i.e. share one (National) digital community site.

The design by NSW State designers of Local Gov services (like the DA process) , on the other hand, is not bad - worth a 8 out of 10.

I really don’t know how you can change the silo culture, even if you could point to/from all your National peers. Maybe attempt to have them focus on the User and select a couple of existing (State) public services that could be shared or simplified (Nationally) today.

I wish you all the best.


Are there any recommendations for Drupal groups or Community of Practice in NSW Gov? Interested in how other agencies are setting up their Drupal instances. TIA

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