Public wifi - cloud services

Hi all is anyone working with the provision of public wi-fi? I’m looking at the different cloud software services available for providing the customer interface and wold love any information.

I’m sorry to have missed you a year ago.

Eduroam, as a public wifi initiative, has been running for over 10 years, and has always been attempting to get out of the NREN networks around the world. In fact, some counties have trialed a Govroam service, which is simply rebranding.

Eduroam/Govroam’s global development is at the point now where many countries’ digital Ministers get it. They are considering how it can be used as a public Access service for all. (This is Ireland’s Minister talking about how eduroam helps “democratize education”, particularly in digital skills.)

It’s broad implementation is quite limited in Australia as we have little collaboration between Federal, State and Local government service designers, or, as is case in many countries, between National educational institutions who have addressed the concept of a lifelong learning culture, like the Swiss.