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Thanks Colin,

Please bear with me as I’m learning how to use this forum.

The slide is from a presentation given at a conference last year by Maarten Kremers from the Dutch Research & Education Network - SURF - to a few of his National peers.

The interesting thing for me is that the Ministerial interest about ID’s has become a global interest, even in Australia. It appears that after 15 years of different countries, jurisdictions, and sectors talking, very separately, about putting their customer in the centre, that our institutions are now becoming user-centric, and starting again where we should have started originally.

Each country’s approach focuses, to start, on one of these interpretations. There are many designs of the same kind of things - Personal Data Stores, customer’s switchboard, Federated Identity, keys to services. So much research has been done bringing National institutions, around the world, to this restarting point.

In Australia, the number is called a USI, which will be available to everyone shortly. This is the administrators approach. To quote DESE; “The purpose of the USI is to support better understanding of student progression and improve the national evidence base”. That leads us to the question of what services will be shared between citizens’ accounts.

We’ll get to how an account might be designed in my next entry.
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I’m certainly not bored and will be watching along with interest.

I’m in the higher ed sector and interested in how we might get to a model where we can federate accounts for high school students to access uni resources, and/or NSW Government staff members to access uni staff resources.

I’m new here, but interested and willing to help if I can!


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Hi Robyn,

Sorry this took a bit of time. You are not alone with your hopes. If you want to give this a kick along, you might make yourself at home over at DESE’s mini inquiry into Aussie Research Infrastructure. I’ll point you directly at where the eduID sits in the mix. Richard Northam is the writer.

There are quite a few good ideas (and people) popping up now (off the Active Challenge page; all ideas can be voted for (until next Monday)

This inquiry is primarily focussing on the research/industry divide. In fact, it’s their only Active Challenge at the moment. But it’s exactly the same as the school/ gov vs. uni resource divide. As Richard says, “We need a cross cutting system wide approach”.

Thanks for your interest. Simon

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Fabulous, thanks for the link and info, Simon.


Hi Robyn,

Thanks for popping into the DESE’s mini National Research Infrastructure inquiry.

There are discussions going on, between DESE and the contractors who are running that inquiry, around opening that crowdicity platform up again, for the long term. But that will just have to wait. Meantime, because I wouldn’t want you thinking that things are not progressing.

This is where the people who run our National Research stuff will get together next month for their annual conference. There are a few sessions that touch on areas of our mutual interest. Best part is that most of them have international attendees.

So we’ll be starting to include Australia in a few OS discussions about eduID that can illustrate changes that have already taken place; primarily in Switzerland and Nederlands. They’re already talking about interoperability between countries by sharing a common eduID.

You might also like this 2010 article which gives you an idea of when federated ID’s started in the UK Unis. Not that long ago.
cheers, simon

For those who have an interest in eduID developments in different countries.
This virtual event at Geant will be revisiting developments that will probably lead to an identity that can be used to access many publicly funded online services, globally.