UX Think Tank 5: Strong Yet Simple Security - Thursday August 4 11am - 12pm

The upcoming UX Think Session hosted by TfNSW will be held this Thursday the 4th of August from 11am - 12pm. The session will share insights around Usable Security, building a Culture of Trust over Fear, and empowering People as the Strongest Link in the security chain to forge rock solid reliability.

It is often found that humans are identified as the “weakest link” in the cybersecurity chain. It is then believed that the answer to this weak link is to throw more security related technology into the picture to alleviate threats. However, people will always take risks, gamble, and make mistakes. Technology can only provide so much protection, without considering the imperfections that make us all human.

Who is this session for?

This session is open to anyone at TfNSW (and externally) that wants to learn more on the benefits of experience design. Register attendance here or contact brady.gerber@transport.nsw.gov.au

How will this benefit you?

This isn’t another cyber security training session, rather we aim to look at the ways in which security processes can and have been made more usable to benefit our own day-to-day security practices. This includes what we are doing at Transport where we will inspire thought through the sharing of our expert guest speakers. Nothing for us, without us!

Our Speakers

Murray Taylor – Chief Information Security Officer

David Wright – Director, Cyber Culture Strategy and Compliance

Mahesh Berwal – Senior Manager, Cyber Culture

Sunjoo Kim – Digital Innovation and UX Specialist

Brady Gerber – Cyber Security Graduate


Thanks for the post @Blake ! We’re looking forward to a great session with some amazing guest speakers, if anyone has any questions please reach out