Who's doing remote research?

Hey All - so remote research can present a specific set of challenges (even for some teams who confidently conduct interviews, usability tests, etc. with people face-to-face).

Does anyone have tips or tools for making remote research work well?

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Apparently Mentally Friendly have been using Zoom and Chorus.ai for some of their remote testing.

We generally conduct interviews over Skype for Business or Zoom as we interview stakeholders across Australia. It’s been okay.

Ill be doing remote research, just using Survey tools at this stage, but would love to hear about how you or others are approaching this

Hello! We are running a user experience improvements project in NSW National Parks and this month for a work package we were originally planning to do some ‘intercepts’ (walking up to people in our parks to ask specific questions) & usability test in face to face interviews – which we obviously can’t do anymore.

We are currently looking at both remote interview tools (our department doesnt seem to be recommending Zoom for security reasons) and a distance UX testing tool like ‘Lookback’ - as well as installing something like ‘Hotjar’ or Usabilla across our site to get more interactive feedback.

We haven’t started this but will report back on how it goes.

Does the Digital.NSW team have recommended standard tools for this kind of engagement? Or is there something with an existing account we should tap into?

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Here’s a guide to remote research, generously published for comment by the folks at AirTeam