Live Chat / web chat tools - anyone using them?

Hi all. We are considering piloting Live Chat tools for customer interaction during the current situation - does anyone have any feedback or suggestions on particular tools?

Hey @Mel - Welcome to the community!

I’ve used one particular product at a previous role before joining the public service. Increasingly seeing these tools installed on other NSW Government websites too!

Are there any you’ve seen that you’ve particularly liked? If we can connect you to those teams it’ll be great if they can help you re-use or build on what’s already available at another agency.

I can’t recommend a specific one but would think considerations would be:

  • Accessibility and inclusivity
  • Usability
  • Adherance to Design System / branding compliance
  • Security / Privacy
  • User needs generally (both citizens and staff using the tool)

Hi James

I haven’t found examples yet of state government use – do you know of any examples?

Hi Mel, we have used AI Chatbots combined with Livechat. It is a hybrid situation that you can automatically switchover during certain hours or you can program in the bot that will auto switch when the user needs. It does save alot of time. It is our own platform but it has a central data management approach and enables either conversational websites or integration with Messenger, LINE , Skype. We have Twitter and Whatsapp but dont use live as a result of cost

Hi @BCyber thanks for the feedback. is that for a government website? I’d like to have a look if possible.

Also take a look at the Renting section of the NSW Fair Trading website. They’ve implemented a virtual assistant too, which I believe can connect to a live chat agent. It’s documented too, as part of our reusable solutions library.

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