Blockchain anyone?

Hi ! I think this is the right part of the forums for this question…

I was wondering if anyone is working on any blockchain related POCs or using this technology anywhere across NSW Gov + if they can share their experience? The articles covering NSW Digital & DTA’s position on this are 2+ years old and there’s obviously been a lot of private sector / wild west progress in this space lately, so keen to know if anyone’s done any successful pilots / has anything robust etc! – (Articles for ref: Emerging Technology Guide: Blockchain | Digital.NSW +


Hi Arwen, I’m making some enquiries, will let you know if anything comes up.

What are you working on / considering?

Amazing thanks Rich!

It’s more of a general interest for future proofing in this space - but mainly centred around any potential for securing customer data, and any interesting spatial/web3.0 related innovations.

NSW Parks is currently re-freshing its data strategy, but we’re also working on broader integrations between our systems that manage customer data & it would be great to get any relevant learnings/insights from anyone who might be doing something new & different.

I’m afraid I haven’t found anything leveraging the blockchain @Arwen

Perhaps @geoffrey.emerson has some better intel?

Hey @Arwen the cross NSW Gov Strategy, Investment and Architecture group might be a great avenue to find others looking into this as well.

I think they’re holding a few events a year for NSW Gov staff to come together. Strategy and future proofing challenges for government is definitely something they’re keen to connect with people on.

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@geoffrey.emerson is letting the side down :wink: