Collab space: Cookie banner

Hi everyone,

We are currently in the process of creating a cookie banner component.


We’ve had requests regarding creating a standardised cookie banner component to help clearly partition users that don’t want to be tracked vs. those that don’t mind. The solution piggybacks off European implementation of the component where GDPR has governed a necessity around the user’s control over their privacy, and although not mandated in Australia (from what we understand), it is likely a similar mandate may reach Australia, so the value is high for this component being a standardised inclusion in the NSW Design System.

It also means analytics tooling like heatmapping (like Hotjar) that are commonly used, that record user sessions can safely be used when user consent is obtained.


The closest implementation we’re imagining is similar to the GOV.UK cookie banner which is WCAG-aligned and has accessibility front of mind.


  • When the user clicks the “Accept” button, a secondary notice will appear in the banner, making it thinner, that shows their choice to confirm it and allows them to change their decision on allowing or rejecting the cookies.

  • There will be guidance around providing a cookies information page outlining the cookies used and other information around cookie consent and what it means.

  • This solution targets all cookies and doesn’t partition different types of cookies (allowing the user to pick and choose which cookies they do/do not accept).

See it in action

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you have any ideas on how it could be presented differently?
Can you think of any potential challenges?